3 x 7,000 € for a good cause! – nicos AG
Katja Hintze, Chairwoman of the Board of the Education Foundation in Berlin, and a colleague received the symbolic donation check of € 7,000

3 x 7,000 € for a good cause!

“It is still rare that companies donate for education, although there is so much to do,” writes Katja Hintze. “A donation for children’s education in the amount of 7,000 euros is something special for us and for this, the team of nicos AG deserves our thanks!” 

Despite the Corona-related challenges, nicos, together with its 160 employees at the Muenster site, had a good year in 2020. Therefore, we decided to support those who are in particular need due to the Corona pandemic with a monetary donation.

Social engagement in the region as well as in areas of need is important to us. We would like to actively support institutions and associations that help people in difficulties. The protection and promotion of children and young people is particularly close to our hearts. And as an IT service provider, it stands to reason that, with a view to the topic of “digitization of schools” we would like to make a contribution to helping children and young people learn and shape their lessons in these difficult times, characterized by homeschooling.

With € 7,000, we support Muenster-Tafel e.V. in its commitment to neighbors in need.

3 x 7,000 € for a good cause! – nicos AG
nicos founder and board member Thomas Brosch presented the donation check as well as chocolate Santa Clauses and other foodstuffs to Muenster-Tafel e.V.

Another € 7,000 will go to the aid organization “WEISSER RING e.V.” to contribute to victims of domestic violence and against child abuse, which have increased significantly as a result of the Corona crisis.

3 x 7,000 € for a good cause! – nicos AG
Corona-compliant with distance, nicos CEO Axel Metzger hands over the symbolic donation check to Sigrid Pehle, head of the Muenster branch of “WEISSER RING e.V.”.

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