Here we report on our first steps, hurdles and goals – with short video clips and photos taken by our colleagues at nicos AG. You will find no professional videos, but authentic scenes captured by amateurs with their cell phones or cameras.

On the way to sustainability

A family owned company, we see ourselves as a part of both society and environment for which we bear a high responsibility.

Ever since the company was founded, our corporate culture has been guided by the principles of cooperation, diversity, respect, transparency and the strongest commitment to quality. Recently, the subject of sustainability has come more and more into our focus.

Since the middle of 2020, the company considers Corporate Responsibility an integral part of our business strategy.

By conviction, we made it an obligation for us to create sustainable values for our clients, employees and partners. And, in addition, to intensify our efforts to gradually live up to our responsibilities for the wellbeing of the environment, the people and society in general.

We shall therefore endeavor to…

• improve and safeguard the health, satisfaction levels and the overall wellbeing of our employees through specific measures, offers – relevant to various fields of interest – and a smooth process flow.

• promote fairness and sustainability in our day-to-day business as well as our purchasing activities  – implementing compensatory measures, where required.

• communicate in a responsible and respectful fashion with employees and clients alike.

• become even more committed to and involved with social issues.

• demonstrate our actions in a more transparent and verifiable manner by way of a sustainability report in future.