Our Hock-in stools are assembled and ready to use in a flash! Only 4 seconds;)

Hock-in: new meeting format for and with colleagues

On Wednesday, October 7, 2020 our new Hock-in stools made their debut!

In line with our new meeting format, we chose these small wooden stools in a plug-in system, produced by a sustainable supplier in Lower Saxony and printed with our nicos signet. These stools offer the advantage that they can be stowed away to save space and can also be used at trade fairs or similar events.

There are many meeting formats, also at nicos. And the exchange across team boundaries and with all interfaces is essential for our daily business. And, however, now there comes another meeting format?

nicos “hock-in” – what’s that?

Yes! We would like to exchange with colleagues on various collaboration topics – without obligation to participate and without predefined objectives. Sounds like a “Lean Coffee” meeting, but it does not follow the structured approach to topic identification and discussion.

At the first big appearance of the hock-in stools, our focus was on “Experiences with the Home Office.” Colleagues from very different areas exchanged their views and experiences.

Currently, our hock-in stools have a forced break and are waiting for their next assignment. Themes abound. But the “Hock-in” is meant to be a face-to-face meeting and that is not possible at the moment due to Corona.

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