IDSA Winterdays 2022 – nicos AG

We will take part on the IDSA Winterdays 2022.

On the upcoming IDSA Winterdays on February 16 & 17, 2022 (online, register here) nicos will present and explain “nicos.testbed.IDS” as an outcome of IDS-testbed-project: a given component (your component) to be tested, will reside and work in an eco-system – also referred to as a “Data Space” – and will be tested according to existing IDS Certification Criterias.

“nicos.testbed” makes its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) available and is prepared to work as a lab for Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) to follow GAIA-X’s idea of identification, as it also makes first steps of penetration tests.

“nicos.testbed” starts with consulting, helps implementing components and testing those and is an enabler of first moves.

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