Managed WAN Optimization

nicos Managed WAN Optimization ensures the accelerated provision of all applications in a hybrid infrastructure, and by doing so enables the highest possible availability of your business-critical applications.

SD-WAN & WAN Optimization from a single source with a single point of contact for the entire data network

  • Improvement in bandwidth utilization and latency
  • Increased efficiency via optimal utilization of existing connections and client-specific optimization of applications
  • Technology-independent
  • Supports conventional cloud SaaS services
  • Augments user experience and productivity by optimizing delay-critical applications

nicos SmartWAN Solution

The right solution for all the technical and organizational requirements of your network.

All services have a modular structure and are flexibly scalable.

Managed Service Operations

Managed Connectivity

SmartWAN Backbone

Managed Cloud Access

Managed SD-WAN

Managed Application-based WAN

Managed WAN Optimization

Managed Colocation

Managed Firewall

Managed MailSec

Managed Edge Computing

Managed Virtual Cloud

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