Managed SD-WAN

nicos Managed SD-WAN encompasses the planning, installation, and 24/7 operation of secure, global data networks. We ensure reliable, high-performance IT infrastructure and protected collaboration between your corporate offices worldwide—in economic hubs, at remote locations, as well as under challenging conditions.

We future-proof your network!

  • Proactive 24/7 operation of your entire network—including your own connections—with standardized global service level agreements
  • Greatest possible security via end-to-end IPsec encryption and firewalls
  • Guaranteed network availability via true redundancies and multi-carrier strategy
  • Efficiency & cost-effectiveness thanks to cross-technology concepts and provider independence
  • Quick, flexible connection of new locations and adaptation to changing requirements
  • Single point of contact for the entire data network

nicos SmartWAN Solution

The right solution for all the technical and organizational requirements of your network.

All services have a modular structure and are flexibly scalable.

Managed Service Operations

Managed Connectivity

SmartWAN Backbone

Managed Cloud Access

Managed SD-WAN

Managed Application-based WAN

Managed WAN Optimization

Managed Colocation

Managed Firewall

Managed MailSec

Managed Edge Computing

Managed Virtual Cloud

We would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.