Managed Edge Computing

Your company is faced with the challenge of operating its company-wide IT systems not just centrally at the main offices, but also making them available to users at edge locations. Furthermore, your IT systems are growing increasingly complex and time-critical, while access performance from edge locations to the global network cannot be scaled in a needs-based manner.

nicos Managed Edge Computing brings your business-critical services closer to users at external locations. We can offer you quicker run times, shorter wait times, and reduced downtime.

Augmenting the end user experience at your external locations & increasing the cost efficiency of your corporate network via short distances to business-critical applications.

  • Reduction in and consolidation of hardware appliances as well as physical servers
  • Efficient self-service management via a central management & monitoring platform (single point of view)
  • Highest application performance for mobile workspaces
  • Increase in agility of corporate IT via instant provisioning of new services and applications
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to hybrid cloud investments
  • Reduction in physical systems at all of the company’s external locations

We would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.