Managed Connectivity

The performance of a global network is determined by the quality and orchestration of the individual components that make up the overall network. We have almost 20 years of market experience and know-how when it comes to worldwide IT infrastructure. From our provider portfolio consisting of more than 150 direct and over 3,500 indirect carriers and providers we choose the appropriate partner for your network, your specific needs and individual requirements

The managed connectivity service provides the framework for managing carriers and providers worldwide and offers full flexibility when choosing suitable providers, as well as with the selection of the appropriate topology and topology design.

We will assume overall responsibility for secure operations.

  • Absolute carrier and provider neutrality via a global network of around 150 direct partners and 3,500 resellers
  • Utilization of all topologies (MPLS, Internet, Layer2) and technologies (fiber, xDSL, microwave link, 4G, 5G, satellite)
  • Technology & topology according to the best value approach
  • Standardized global service level agreements (end-to-end SLAs) according to service categories
  • Operation of your entire network including your own lines

We would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.