Managed Cloud Access

nicos clients benefit from the SmartWAN Backbone, to which the cloud services are connected. This ensures the rapid and efficient roll-out of cloud services.

Your secure and high-performance direct mode of access to all relevant cloud services-fast, straightforward, and flexibly scalable

  • Directly integratable into corporate networks
  • Takes into account country-specific regulations for data privacy & data security
  • Establishment of direct connects to public and private clouds
  • Single- and multi-cloud scenarios: consultation, realization & cloud orchestration

nicos SmartWAN Solution

The right solution for all the technical and organizational requirements of your network.

All services have a modular structure and are flexibly scalable.

Managed Service Operations

Managed Connectivity

SmartWAN Backbone

Managed Cloud Access

Managed SD-WAN

Managed Application-based WAN

Managed WAN Optimization

Managed Colocation

Managed Firewall

Managed MailSec

Managed Edge Computing

Managed Virtual Cloud

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