Managed Cloud Access

nicos Managed Cloud Access connects your corporate networks to all relevant cloud services. Right now, our clients are already benefiting from the nicos PoPs in Frankfurt, New York, and Hong Kong, and in future in Sao Paulo, Dubai, Mumbai, London, Sydney, and Johannesburg as well, via which access to cloud providers can quickly be realized.

nicos clients benefit from the SmartWAN Backbone, to which the cloud services are connected. This ensures the rapid and efficient roll-out of cloud services.

Your secure and high-performance direct mode of access to all relevant cloud services-fast, straightforward, and flexibly scalable

  • Directly integratable into corporate networks
  • Takes into account country-specific regulations for data privacy & data security
  • Establishment of direct connects to public and private clouds
  • Single- and multi-cloud scenarios: consultation, realization & cloud orchestration

We would be glad to discuss your specific requirements.