Managed Application-based WAN

Corporate networks are becoming increasingly decentralized due to the growing use of cloud services. In order for networks to fulfill the requirements of companies in the future as well, new approaches are necessary: Session Smart Routers identify and understand applications in the local network and in the cloud. Via SDN, the network architecture is organized automatically and logically according to its requirements.

With session-based routing, Managed Application-based WAN offers an innovative solution that ensures the viability of your data network in the future as well. Session Smart Routing makes your network more agile and secure, allows for a significantly higher level of flexibility, and reduces overall costs.

We future-proof your network!

  • Application visibility and control via routing and encryption at the session level
  • Higher network performance thanks to simplified communication without tunnels or unnecessary overlays
  • Simple load distribution at the session level
  • Higher level of security in the network with session-based communication
  • Extremely simple integration into cloud services

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